Elemental Vinyasa Krama 2

100 hours to integrate your practice

Over time, yoga routines can become monotonous. Even if you are a teacher, your classes can give the feeling of always being the same.

But there is a way to make the practice different everyday and give it a more integral meaning. To activate you when you feel reluctant, to take root when you feel volatile.

If you want to learn to create creative sequences and adapt them to keep you in balance in the face of any internal or external circumstance, such as those we use in the classes we teach daily in the yoga studio, here I will show you how.

Some people really get more out of yoga than others, and it’s not about being male or female, having experience, or being more or less flexible. It has nothing to do with it, there is another much more important reason.

On a summer Tuesday, I was roasting with heat.

At that time I practiced 4 sequences of Rocket yoga with small modifications that alternated 6 days a week. On Tuesdays it was Rocket 2. Period.

The sum of the outside heat with the increase in temperature caused by the Rocket practice made me begin to have hives all over my body when I finished.

Everything itched.

It made me feel unkind to myself. It felt violent.

Because “having to get to a posture” increases ego and competitiveness. Because where you don’t go treating yourself with respect, you go with the ego and the muscle.

You start to force your breath, to overstrain yourself. You tense your shoulders, clench your teeth. And you no longer pay attention to the sensations.

And you start causing yourself pain.

Isn’t yoga supposed to be about treating ourselves with respect, being aware of our perceptions, focusing on the breath, and being present? What have we missed?

So I decided to start modifying the practice and look for a meaning beyond reaching postures at any price.

In that search I learned from Shiva Rea the use of the elements to create different effects on my body and mind.

If one day my head was wild, I could stop it. If a very hot day made it difficult for my body to respond, I could counter it with a subtle practice, with circular movements.

I took this Elemental Prana Vinyasa and interpreted it with a structure of progressive asanas accessible to anyone.

From the simple to the complex (Krama). Also adapting it to the seasons and the lunar cycles.

Since then, my practice everyday is different. I improvise knowing exactly the effect of each asana. Just as a musician uses different notes to create different emotions, I know that

if I make linear movements, I generate heat and direct my focus,

if I do pulsations, I increase my creativity and my adaptability,

if I make slow and firm movements, I work my patience, my stability and self-confidence.

And that makes the practice make sense. That is what really makes us benefit from the practice of yoga.

Elemental Vinyasa Krama 2

is an intensive 100-hour course, with 7 interconnected modules in which you will learn

The connection between our posture and our emotions.

Increase your sensitivity to your own internal dialogue, the emotions it generates and how it is reflected in your body.

Why do lunar cycles and seasons affect our mood and energy level?

What are the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) and how to relate them to the different movement patterns?

How to use the elements to counteract the effects of the lunar cycles and the seasons?

How to make creative sequences based on the characteristic movements of each element? A movement pattern taught multiple times through different asanas. Inspired by Elemental Prana Vinyasa from Shiva Rea.

Adapt the namaskares (greetings). How to prepare the body for the different types of asanas of each element?

What chakras are related to each element and how are they related to asanas?

Meditation, pranayama, mantra, mudra and essential oils linked to each element.

Anatomical foundations that underpin the entire practice:

  1. Anatomical pattern of hip openings for the earth element.
  2. Regulation of body fluids, lymphatic or urinary system. Anatomical pattern of the column extensions for the water element.
  3. Digestive system. Anatomical pattern of twists and arm balances for the fire element.
  4. Respiratory mechanics. Anatomy of the rib cage and the shoulder girdle. Anatomical pattern of the chest openings for the air element.
  5. Central nervous system and how the space element integrates everything.

How to plan sequences in waves or 3-part vinyasas?

How to integrate the sutras in your day to day life? What I learned from Gabby Bernstein and his spirit junkie philosophy.

You have a hidden Power.
You are a dreamer of your dream.
You are always being guided, even when you think it is not.
Your vibrations speak more clearly than your words.
The universe works fast when you’re having a good time.
Obstacles are detours that take you in the right direction.
Certainty clears the way so that what you desire can arrive.
The universe speaks in mysterious ways.
Uniqueness sets you free.
You are the Universe.
When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.
Be an instrument of love.

Elemental Vinyasa Krama 2

100 hours to integrate your practice

Save my spot (EVK2)

We only accept 16 participants.

The total amount of the course is 1.500 €

Once you have reserved your spot, you need to make a 600 € transfer and to confirm it a second transfer of 900 €, 7 days before the start of the course.

Dates and schedule

The course will be in the Pure Yoga Canarias studio in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from 12 to 24 July 2021.

The schedule will be, Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Can I only do it intensively?

No, you can also do it by modules. 6 weekends, one weekend a month.

The next group will start in May – October of 2o21.  Drop us an email for the dates

Meet the facilitators

The course will be taught by Libby Hargreaves and Flavia Marangon y Jade Valero. In addition, they will be accompanied by specialists in specific topics.

Why is the number of places limited?

The most important thing for us is that you have the best possible experience and that you really learn all the course content.

Keeping a manageable number of participants we guarantee that we will give you the best personal treatment and we make sure that you take all the knowledge you have been looking for.

We only accept 16 participants.

Save my spot (EVK2)

The total amount of the course is 1.500 €

Once you have reserved your spot, you need to make a 600 € transfer and to comfirm it a second transfer of 900 €, 7 days before the start of the course.

Is the course certified?

Yes, it is internationally certified by Yoga Alliance. However, that only guarantees that the training meets its standards, but it is not a guarantee of quality.

What we are really proud of is the reviews that our students send us. Like these that I literally copy from tripadvisor:

Miriam García

Miriam García

This year I did the teacher training in this wonderful place and it has been a magical and transformative experience.
Libby’s Light can make you feel accompanied from the first moment, in a safe environment, without judgment and in which the main response is LOVE.
I recommend from the heart to anyone who visits Pure Yoga, to start practicing by going to regular classes or to deepen their practice by doing a training.
The space, the sights and sounds of the sea, Libby and all the teachers make you, at least during the hour that you are on your mat, connect, love and take care of yourself. With their light they remind us of our light.

Jade Valero

Jade Valero

There are no words to describe the experience of being in this privileged place. The training has been wonderful, very nutritious and full of good energy. Libby and the entire team that makes up Pure Yoga Canarias are people who love what they do and transmit it at all times. I would repeat this training without hesitation.

Thania Socorro

Thania Socorro

Super Grateful to Libby and her Team
My beautiful Libby to tell you, the words are not enough to express how wonderful you are and the entire team of professionals you have surrounded yourself with. For me vinyasa training has changed my life. It has been a complete transformation inside and out.
From the first day I was captivated with the love and dedication that you and the whole team treated me, respecting my body, my being, my process. I only have words of thanks for Pure Yoga. And we’ll see you soon for the next training.
Alejandro García

Alejandro García

I am finishing my teacher training in Pure Yoga Canarias. It has been an amazing experience. In my humble opinion, this is the best place to practice yoga in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. An incredible place to practice a few meters from the ocean, you can even hear the waves! A surreal experience. A recommended place for any yoga lover. Congratulations to the great Libby and her amazing team!

Laura Thieme

Laura Thieme

During this year I have carried out the vinyasa training in this wonderful center. I only have words of thanks from the heart for everything contributed. I thank all the team, who are all love and great professionals, but especially Libby, she is pure light capable of illuminating anyone around her.

The training has been wonderful, a gift from its beginning to its end, of course I recommend it 100% to anyone who wants to investigate more in yoga (on and off the matt).

The place is incredible, the best possible, you get lost in that ocean and with the sound of the waves that makes you vibrate inside and recharge. The team always ready to help you and be there accompanying you on the road, they are all incredible.

Patricia Navarro

Patricia Navarro

During the past month of August I did intensive teacher training here and the experience has been incredible, from the teachers to my classmates, the content of the course and the center itself, with wonderful views and energy. I recommend it to everyone, it has been an experience for a lifetime. I couldn’t be more delighted and grateful to the entire Pure Yoga team.


Are there any prerequisites? Yes, you must have done a 200 hour training or 5 years of regular practice.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to take the course? No, you can do it for personal or professional reasons.

Is the reservation refundable? You can transfer it to another edition of the course or to another training. In the event of serious personal, family or force majeure problems, it will be reimbursed.

What does the price include? The price includes the certificate, the printed manual, fruit, nuts, water and tea during the course.

Is accommodation included? No, but we will be happy to give you some good suggestions. Write to us at info@pureyogacanarias.com.

What do I need to bring? A mat, a notebook, a pen and an empty water bottle.

Elemental Vinyasa Krama 2

Save my spot (EVK2)

We only accept 16 participants.

The total amount of the course is 1.500 €

Once you have reserved your spot, you need to make a 600 € transfer and to comfirm it a second transfer of 900 €, 7 days before the start of the course.


Earth Element; Mula Bandha, arm balances and hip openers. How to create sun and moon sequences related with the earth element. Namaskars, 1 chakra, meditation, mantra, mudra and essential oils related to the earth element. Apana vayu.

Anatomy; of the hips, anatómical patterns to open hips. Water Element; Uddiyana Bandha, fluid backbends. How to create sun and moon sequences related with the water element. Namaskars, 2 chakra, meditation, mantra, mudra and essential oils related to the water element. Vyana vayu.

Anatomy; regulation of bodily fluids, linfatic and unrinary system. The spine, anatomical patterns of spinal extension.

Fire element; Uddiyana Bandha, core activation, twists and arm balances. How to create sun and moon sequences related to the fire element. Namaskars, 3 chakra, meditation, mantra, mudra and essential oils related to the fire element. Samana vayu.

Anatomy; digestive system. Anatomy of the abdomen. Anatomical patterns of twists and balances.
Air element; Elevating backbends and heart openers. How to create sun and moon sequences related to the air element. Namaskars, 4 chakra, , meditation, mantra, mudra and essential oils related to the air element. Udana vayu.

Anatomy; Biomechanics of breath, anatomy of the rib cage, clavicular, scapular. Anatomical pattern for heart openers. Space Element; Jalandara Bandha. Inversions (3 Bandhas), standing balances, arm balances. How to create sun and moon sequences related to the space element. Namaskars, 5 chakra, , meditation, mantra, mudra and essential oils related to the space element. Prana Vayu.

Anatomy; Central nervious system. All functions intergrated.

Free flow, circular and creative; 6 and 7 chakra, sun and moon sequences,
pranayama, meditation, mudra and mantra related.
Pulsation Vinyasa; pulsating the key action in the asana
Rthymic Vinyasa; Moving between 2-3 asanas with the breath wave
Body Vinyasa; Moving arms / legs with the breath wave.
How to create creative sequences / Krama ; a movement pattern taught various
times through different asanas. How to plan sequences in waves / 3 part vinyasas.

Inspired by Shiva Rea and elemental prana vinyasa system

Philosophy; Spirit Junkie (Gabby Bernstein)
You have a hidden power.
You are the dreamer of your dream
Your are always guided, even when you think you are not
Your vibes speak more clearly than your words
The Universe works quickly when your having fun
Obstacles are diversions in the correct direction
Certainty clears the way

The Universe speaks in mysterious ways
Unity makes you free
You are the Universe
When you think you have surrendered, surrender more
Be an instrument of Love

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