Doing the same sequence everyday, or changing to work different aspects of your body makes sense if you are living in a bubble on your own, but you are not!

We will guide you to flow with the every changing seasons, moons, weather, individual and group energy.

We offer level 1 200 hour elemental vinyasa krama, level 2 100 hour elemental vinyasa krama, 100 hour yin yoga and 100 hour yoga for pregnancy.

200 h Elemental Vinyasa Krama

Deepen your daily practice or create new professional paths.

Flow through the seasons, weather and moon cycles harmonizing the internal and external influences to stay gracefully, tenderly balanced and aligned with nature.

100 h Elemental Vinyasa Krama

Over time, yoga routines become monotonous. Even if you are a teacher, your classes can give the feeling of always being the same.

But there is a way to make the practice different each day and make sense. That activates you when you feel reluctant, that takes root when you feel volatile. 

100 h Yoga for Pregnancy

Live your pregnancy or support your students in theirs, with a deeper awareness of the process.

Anticipate the changes in the body and emotions.

Enjoy a healthy, happy and connected pregnancy.

100 h Yin Yoga

Yin yoga an invaluable tool for a yoga teacher or individual to be able to support the causalities of the current work lifestyle climate.  It guides you to slow down, be present, relax and restore.


As the daylight fades, and...

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