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Masaje Thai Pure Yoga Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Flavia Marangon


“Healing is a thought through which two minds perceive their unity and rejoice”

“Health is inner peace”

A course of miracles

Thai Yoga Massage therapy is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine that includes other disciplines such as meditation and herbalism.

The origin of Thai Yoga Massage is linked to Jivaka Kumarf Bhaccha, a doctor from the North of India, contemporary of the Buddha, who lived in Thailand 2,500 years ago, was the personal physician of the king and of monks and nuns who accompanied the Buddha.

The teachings of Kumar Bhaccha reached what is now Thailand around the 2nd century BC. It was spread and taught in the temples and monasteries where traditional Thai medicine is taught and preserved.

This discipline is based on the Sen lines (which partly correspond to the meridians of Chinese medicine and acupuncture) and there are currently 2 schools in this art in Thailand in Chiang Mai and now one in Greece, Athens: “the Sunshine House” .

Asokananda, of German origin, is one of those responsible for the expansion of this discipline in the West and through research, publications and workshops he was the first to publish books on Thai Massage and developed the school “The sunshine Massage School”.

Blocks and stagnations of vital energy manifested in the body are produced in mental processes. By refusing to take Responsibility for our emotions and feelings in relationships, the energy body is disturbed and illness or physical symptoms occur.

With Thai massage it is possible to temporarily unblock these blockages, open the Sen lines to restore the flow of energy and balance. Working these lines that are like “windows” in the body facilitates the exchange of cosmic energy through which the human body is kept in balance with the energy of the universe.

These lines are related to the organs and of course to our emotions.

Dynamic Osteo Thai techniques are also used in this treatment, which have been shown to be very effective in relieving physical blockages.


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Thai massage in Pure Yoga Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Flavia Marangon

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