Studio Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

1 month 65 €

We are getting to  know each other. 

3 months 175 €

We are good friends.

6 months 315 €

We are deeply in love. We are family.


Weekly unlimited

1 week 40 €

A holiday flirtation.

2 weeks 50 €

A holiday affair.

3 weeks 60 €

A long holiday romance.


Class Packs

1 class 15 €

Fly by visit.

8 classes 55 €

Tight on time.

Frequently asked questions

Are there mats available? Yes, and blocks, belts, bolsters, knee supports, blankets, fresh water and tea!

What clothes should I wear? Something comfortable, that you can move in.

I have never practiced yoga, do you have beginners classes? Yes, although you can join any class because they are adapted for all levels, we have specific classes for beginners. Remember to book online, you can find the schedules here.

I am not very flexible, can I practice yoga? Of course, we always give options so you can move in a way that is appropriate to where you are at.

Are there discounts for family members, pensioners and students? Yes we give you a 10 euro discount on your monthly membership.

Can I come to any class on the timetable or do I have to come at the same time every session? We understand that you have busy lives and want to support you. You can attend any class that fits for your timetable and change as you wish. Remember to book online, you can find the schedules here.

Do I need to book? Yes, you can do it here.

Is it safe to go practice during COVID-19? Yes, we strictly comply with the protocol specifically designed according to current legal requirements. You can see it here.




Whether you live on the island or visit, it is an excellent Yoga school, for its teaching and its location. I have known her from its beginnings and it is from the places where authenticity is breathed, that Libby transmits with its naturalness and kindness. Don’t stop going!



Pure Yoga is a center full of magic and love, yoga is very varied and original. It is a privilege to practice with the sound of the sea and with views of the sea and sunset, really wonderful.


Firstly it is in an excellent place, good views, very bright, with the sound of the sea in the background, since the day I went to ask for information it gave me a very good feeling.
The treatment of the three teachers, Libby, Jose and Barbara is unbeatable.
You can go to all the classes you want, which I have not seen in any other Yoga center in Las Palmas.
In a very short time I am already noticing the effects of practicing Yoga, something that has surprised me, my joints sounded a lot when I walked and in just two weeks they stopped doing it.


As the daylight fades, and...

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