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Karla Vergaray


Frequently asked questions

Are there mats available? Yes, and blocks, belts, bolsters, knee supports, blankets, fresh water and tea!

What clothes should I wear? Something comfortable, that you can move in.

I have never practiced yoga can I come to a free trial? Yes, come and see how you feel after, your body will know if it fits your needs.

I am not very flexible, can I practice yoga? Of course, we always give options so you can move in a way that is appropriate to where you are at.

Do I need to book? We encourage you to sign in online. If you need help, come and ask.


Didi Wil

Didi Wil

Simply wonderful!! After practice I have the memory of his sweet voice and at the same time transmits strength. My body and my mind are giving of themselves and I feel that a lot of it has to do with the way in which she helps me find it.

Nina Bhagwat.

Nina Bhagwat.

I knew I was going to love my practice with Karla the moment we met. 630am on day 2 of my holiday in Gran Canaria – nearly 3 years ago. She gave me a jam jar filled with a gorgeous honey and ginger tea – and that was it…

The uniqueness of the yoga practice I have with Karla is hard to describe – she practices and teaches with intuition, intelligence and integrity. A true yoga heart. 

I trust her completely and am able to be completely honest with her in my practice. 

No judgment. That is a rarity.

What a blessing to have met her and to have her in my life.


Lilly Rikhter

Lilly Rikhter

Carla was the first guest yoga teacher in our association “A Walk In The Park”. And she just let all the guests of the event fall in love with her. Open, kind, really understanding of what she does. Professional. Great and spiritual teacher.

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